Publications - in year 1997 

1. Bostjan Likar and Franjo Pernus. Evaluation of three contrast correction methods for digital subtraction in dental radiography: an in vitro study. Medical Physics, 24(2):299-307, 1997. [doi:10.1118/1.598073]
2. Rok Bernard, Bostjan Likar, Damijan Miklavcic and Franjo Pernus. A computer vision system for counting cell colonies. Computer-Aided Data Analysis in Medicine - CADAM 1997, 12 Nov, Bled, Slovenia, I. Kononenko, T. Urbanèiè (Eds.), 37-45, 1997.
3. Bostjan Likar, Franc Solina and Franjo Pernus. Automatic image registration by optimising the parameters of the registration model. 6. Elektrotehniska in racunalniska konferenca - ERK 1997, 25-27 Sep, Portoroz, Slovenia, B. Zajc (Ed.), B:227-280, 1997.
4. Franjo Pernus, Ales Leonardis and Stanislav Kovacic. Planning multiple views for 3-D object recognition and pose determination. 7th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns - CAIP'97, 10-12 Sep, Kiel, Germany, G. Sommer, K. Daniilidis, J. Paul (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1296:424-431, 1997. [doi:10.1007/3-540-63460-6_146]
5. Bostjan Likar, Rok Bernard and Franjo Pernus. Automatic extractions of point pairs for matching 2D medical images. World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering : XVIII International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and XI International Conference on Medical Physics 1997, 14-19 Sep, Nice, France , 35:713, 1997.

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