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Biomedical image analysis techniques and computer vision systems
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Biomedical image analysis
The introduction of new imaging modalities, which has expanded the role of medical imaging beyond mere visualization, gave the radiologist and surgeon at their disposal a great palette of different images, which provide information on both anatomy and physiology. Image processing and analysis is nowadays used increasingly throughout the clinical track of events, not only within diagnostic settings, but prominently in the areas of planning, performing and evaluating surgical and radiotherapeutical procedures.
  The Laboratory of Imaging Technologies conducts research in areas including multi-dimensional multi-modality image registration, image enhancement, image segmentation, image guided surgical and radiotherapeutical interventions, and quantitative image analysis.
Machine and computer vision
During the last two decades, machine and computer vision systems, which perform automated visual inspection, have been applied to a variety of challenging industrial applications, all with the goal of improving quality and productivity in the manufacturing process. Machine and computer vision unifies illumination, image acquisition, image processing and analysis, feature extraction and classification, and material handling technologies to provide non-contact localization, characterization, and manipulation of stationary or moving objects.
  The Laboratory of Imaging Technologies designs and develops high speed, high quality, and high resolution industrial applications, which require innovative, customized solutions, outside the scope of standard 'of the shelf' systems.
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