For students - Courses, undergraduate and postgraduate research 

Study courses
1. System Analysis (university program (level 1))
2. Product Design and Development (university program (level 1))
3. Imaging Informatics (university program (level 1))
4. Statistical Process Control (undergraduate program (level 1))
5. Biomedical Informatics (master's program (level 2))
6. Image and Video Processing (master's program (level 2))
7. Biomedical Imaging Technologies (master's program (level 2))
8. Robot Vision (master's program (level 2))
9. Medical Image Analysis (master's program (level 2))
10. Biomedical Image Analysis (doctoral program (level 3))
11. Imaging Technologies (doctoral program (level 3))
12. Theory of Circuits and Systems (undergraduate university program (last run in 2010/2011))
13. Circuits and Systems (undergraduate university program (last run in 2010/2011))
14. Medical Informatics and Diagnostics (undergraduate university program (last run in 2010/2011))

Junior researchers and research work
Students and graduates in electrical engineering, computer science, physics and applied mathematics are invited to continue the postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering while research in the Laboratory of Imaging Technologies as candidates for junior researchers or as project researchers. Details on the laboratory's research activity can be found in the research section.

Graduation theses
All interested students are invited to join the research activity of the Laboratory of Imaging Technologies, so as to acquire their very first research and working experience, start work on their graduation theses, apply for junior researchers or work on research project, which will enable a successful continuation of their postgraduate studies. For more information feel free to contact Prof. Franjo Pernus or Prof. Bostjan Likar.

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