Network-attached storage (NAS)

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Network-attached storage
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Network-attached storage

Within the program group, the new equipment will provide secure storage of large amounts of medical data, especially images of various modalities, which will enable the development and testing of new procedures for the analysis of large amounts of medical data. With the new equipment and the most advanced deep learning techniques, we will develop and evaluate predictive models for a wide variety of medical conditions and pathologies, both based on MR images and unstructured data. We will focus on predictive models for neurological, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases as well as neck and head cancer, where the Laboratory of Imaging Technologies has been performing quantitative analyzes of MR images for UKC-LJ, Oncology Institute Ljubljana, UKC-MB and seven regional hospitals since 2015. The new equipment offers a comprehensive solution for safe storage of up to 1 PB of data with efficient cryptographic protection and logging of access to sensitive databases. Data transfer to dedicated servers for image analysis takes place over connections with a total bandwidth exceeding 100 Gb/s. The system can be easily upgraded with standard external storage units (JBOD) compliant with the HBA interface, with a total bandwidth of 200 Gb/s.

Important components

  1. A scalable server for storing large amounts of sensitive medical data

    1. Supermicro SSG-640SP-E1CR60 housing for 60 3.5" hard disk drives

    2. 2x Intel Xenon™ XS4314 CPUs, each with 16 cores

    3. 768 GB DDR4 3200 ECC REG RAM

    4. 2x Intel Optane IPersistent Memory 200 memory buffers with 256 GB capacity

    5. 2x NVMe M.2 SSDs with 3.84 TB capacity for the operating system

    6. 4x NVMe SSDs with 12,8 TB capacity on PCIe 4.0 x4 bus

    7. 60x HDDs with 18 TB capacity on SAS bus

    8. SAS controler HBA 9500-16e for JBOD expansion

    9. 6x ethernet ports with 10 GB/s bandwidth

    10. 2x optical ports QSFP+ with 40 GB/s bandwidth

    11. 2x redundant power supplies, each 2000 W

    12. UPS system with 3000 W power

Access to equipment

Access to the equipment is possible only by prior arrangement and at a time when the equipment is not occupied by conducting ongoing research.

Price list

The cost of using the system depends on the complexity of preparation. The informative price of using the equipment with the operator is 200 EUR/h.