Biomedical Imaging Technologies [slo]

Biomedical Imaging Tehcnologies [slo] - BST

General Information

University program in Electrical Engineering (Level 2)
1st year of Biomedical Engineering
6 (ECTS)


The course objective is to introduce basic technologies for the acquisition of biomedical images and the procedures for their restoration, reconstruction, calibration and integration. The main topics are acquisition of biomedical images (digital photography and cameras, microscopic techniques, X-ray imaging, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound – physical principles, acquisition technologies and geometries, implementations and characteristics of imaging devices, image artefacts and quality), restoration, reconstruction and calibration (modelling and estimation of noise, image smoothing and sharpening, statistical and adaptive filtering, reconstruction algorithms, calibration and restoration of intensities, geometric calibration), and image registration and integration (classifications and applications of image registration methods, modelling geometrical transformations and deformations, identification and matching of control points, registration by maximization of similarities, similarity measures and optimization methods, analysis and evaluation of registration methods, image integration examples). Basic theory, procedures and practical examples are considered at lectures, while practical knowledge is gained through problem-solving tasks at lab works.

Study Material

P. Suetens: Fundamentals of Medical Imaging. Cambridge University Press, 2nd Edition, 2009 [ISBN:978-0-521-51915-1 ]
J. L. Prince, J. Links: Medical Imaging Signals and Systems. Pearson, 2nd Edition, 2014 [ISBN:978-0-132-14518-3 ]
J. V. Hajnal, D. L. G. Hill (Eds.): Medical Image Registration. CRC Press, 2001 [ISBN:978-0-849-30064-6 ]