Product Design and Development [slo]

Product Design and Development [slo] - ZRI

General Information

University program in Electrical Engineering (Level 1)
3rd year - Module E
5 (ECTS)


The course objective is to introduce systematical methods for the development of new products by combining and integrating the fields of marketing, design, planning and manufacturing. Practical skills are gained via a team work in which the students propose a concept for a new product, develop a prototype and demonstrate its main competitive advantages. Theoretical methods are illustrated on different practical and well-known products, ranging from simple to highly complex ones, so that the students get some insights into possible applications. Some lectures are conducted by invited lecturers form domestic and possibly foreign industry. The students work on their projects in small teams in which they propose concepts for new products, develop prototypes and publicly demonstrate their main competitive advantages.

Study Material

K. T. Ulrich, S. D. Eppinger: Product Design and Development. McGraw-Hill, 5th Edition, 2011 [ISBN:978-0-073-40477-6 ]