xOpto - Zbirka orodij za izvajanje Monte Carlo simulacij širjenja svetlobe v motnih medijih

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PyXOpto is a collection of Python tools for performing Monte Carlo simulations of light propagation in turbid media using massively parallel processing on a wide range of OpenCL-enabled devices. The tools allow steady-state and time-resolved simulations of light propagation, deposition and fluence simulations, tracing and filtering of photon packet paths, computation of sampling volumes for a number of source-detector configurations, support arbitrary scattering phase functions and are easy to customize or extend. MC Dataset is an extensive collection of datasets computed with PyXOpto Monte Carlo light propagation models. The readily available datasets are computed for a vast variety of sources, detectors and sample optical properties and include information of reflectance, transmittance, sampling volume and fluence/energy deposition data. The datasets can be easily customized through the dataset module of the PyXOpto project.
2021 -- 2023